Bemalastic 1213 BDM Flexible Roofing and Waterproofing Membrane

Bemalastic 1213 BDM is a hot applied, flexible, polymer-modified asphalt waterproofing membrane. Bemalastic 1213 BDM forms a seamless continuous monolithic waterproofing membrane which is impermeable to moisture penetration and remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures.

Recommended Use

Bemalastic 1213 BDM is designed to protect structures from costly damage caused by water infiltration.
Typical applications include:
  • Waterproofing concrete slab construction on highway bridgedecks, parking garages, roof terraces, plaza decks, pedestrian concourses and podiums.
  • Single course construction such as tunnels, reservoirs, planters, foundation walls and reflective pools utilizing two course construction.
  • Protected, inverted membrane roofing systems.

Bemalastic 1213 BDM is suitable for use between concrete substrate and asphaltic concrete overlays on vehicular travelled ramps or bridgedecks with excessive grade or superelevation <5%. Manufacturers should be consulted on grades in excess of 15%.

Coverage Rates
5 mm thick - 6.00 kg/m2
4 mm thick - 4.88 kg/m2
3 mm thick - 3.66 kg/m2
2 mm thick - 2.44 kg/m2

Product Data Sheet, Physical Properties and MSDS (Click to Download)


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