MACSEAL 6690-1 PM (Polymer Modified) Hot Applied Crack and Joint Sealant

MACSEAL 6690-1 PM is a hot applied, single component joint and crack sealant. MACSEAL 6690-1 PM is a blend of asphalts, virgin polymers and reinforcing fillers. MACSEAL 6690-1 PM offers advanced low temperature bonding properties, prolonged resistance to degradation from weather and a positive seal during the expansion and contraction of the joint or crack.
Recommended Use
MACSEAL 6690-1 PM is recommended for the large scale sealing of joints and random cracks in Portland cement concrete, and asphaltic concrete pavements.
MACSEAL 6690-1 PM weighs approximately 9.6 lbs./gal (1.15 kg/L). A joint ½ x ½ “ (12.7 mm x 12.7 mm) requires approximately 12 lbs. per 100 lineal feet or 17.7 kgs per 100 lineal meters.

• 450 lb. (205 kg), open top drums containing 10 individual 50 lb. pucks
• 2 x 25 lb. polybags in a high strength corrugated cardboard container
• 50 lb. steel pails

Joint and Crack Sealant Application Guidelines

** For a detailed step by step application demonstration, please refer to this video.
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