MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD Hot Applied Crack and Joint Sealant

MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD is a high performance, hot applied, single component extra low modulus joint and crack sealant. MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD is a very soft sealant that offers excellent low temperature bonding properties, while still maintaining a high degree of resiliency to reject incompressibles. MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD permits high elongation at cold temperatures with low stress development. MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD will not flow from the joint or be picked up by vehicle tires at high service temperatures.

Recommended Use
MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD is recommended for the large scale sealing of joints and random cracks in Portland cement concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements in cold climate areas.MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD was specifically formulated to provide extra protection against low temperature expansion and repeated freeze thaw cycles.

MACSEAL 6690-4 MOD weighs approximately 9 lbs./gal (1.10 kg/L). A joint 7 mm deep by 50 mm wide, requires approximately 375 grams per 1 lineal meter.

2 x 25 lb. polybags in a high strength corrugated cardboard container (50 lb/22.67 kg per box)

** For a detailed step by step application demonstration, please refer to this video.


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