Business Opportunities

Cantat Associates Inc. do business by creating strategic alliances and partnerships with local representatives worldwide. We offer attractive cooperation opportunities and technological packages, provide our representatives with all the tools they need to develop business in their region.
From the start, we work hard to provide continuous technical support, assistance in any local certification procedures, continuous monitoring of quality throughout the initial stages of business development.

Companies who currently produce asphalt or wish to add the production of additional types of asphalt mixes (cold mix, warm mix asphalt) to their product line, are offered the following opportunities:

Package 1 - Cold Mix Asphalt production using the McAsphalt Perma Patch technology and concentrate

Cantat Associates Inc. offers this package that allows businesses to make use of their own local ingredients (aggregate, bitumen and diesel), which are available to them at low cost, to produce high quality Cold Mix Asphalt (Cold Patch). The cold patch material can be produced in any existing asphalt plant without any plant modifications. All we provide is the Perma Patch concentrate, added at a rate of 1 - 1.5 kg per 1 ton of asphalt mix, which serves as the main ingredient producing high quality indicators of adhesion, cohesion, compaction and workability. We also provide the technology of preparation (know-how) and the methods of Quality Control.

Step 1: Required raw materials samples and description
A) Aggregate sample in the quantity of 5 kg (fraction 5-10 mm) - granite stones are recommended, but limestone can also be used (better quality stone requires less concentrate. E.g. granite typically requires only 1 kg of Perma Patch concentrate per 1 ton of finished product)
B) Technical specifications of the bitumen (BND grade, source)
C) Technical specifications of the diesel

Step 2: Ingredient analysis and Mix Design

The ingredients are analyzed at the McAsphalt research centre in Toronto, where research and testing is conducted to achieve an optimal quality cold mix asphalt formula. At the end of this process, a mix design is issued providing the cold mix asphalt formula and recommended proportions of each ingredient, to be used in its production.

Also provided is the production technology and quality control methods, which must be strictly followed to achieve a high quality of finished product.

As part of this process and upon production start-up, training and certification in QC and process control is available and encouraged. Training takes place at the McAsphalt research centre in Toronto, allowing local specialists of the representative company to gain full and invaluable knowledge of the production process.

More information is available here.

Step 3: Production and equipment

To achieve independent production capabilities, we offer a wide range of high quality, affordable equipment for asphalt production, such as:

Additional equipment can be sourced and supplied at the request of our distributors.

Package 2 - Warm Mix Asphalt production using the Evotherm additive

As part of this package, we offer the Evotherm additive (note this additive is only offered to certain regions, please contact us on availability of supply to your region) used to produce Warm Mix Asphalt as alternative to traditional hot mix asphalt - read more.

Modular mobile and stationary compact asphalt plants are also available, allowing production of warm, hot and cold asphalt mixes.

Package 3 - Waterproofing, joint and crack sealing

This package is available to road maintenance companies and distributors of materials and equipment for road maintenance and waterproofing of building structures.

We offer a wide range of joint and crack sealants, waterproofing materials and kettles for the heating and application of hot applied crack sealants and membranes.


Quality and Price Guarantee

Our policy is to provide our clients with the highest quality, most modern, innovative and proven technologies on the market, to guarantee the best results in terms of quality and length of service. Each product page on our website provides a description of all the quality parameters, that distinguish us from our competitors and make us the #1 choice for your project needs. We stand behind our products.

Pricing is a major factor in guaranteeing our competitiveness with the global market and indeed, we offer highly competitive and cost effective pricing to ensure our customers have the best quality and prices available to them.

How can you become a Cantat Associate?

If we do not already have a representative in your region (please refer to the distributors page), we would be happy to consider your company as our potential representative. If you are interested in pursuing a business relationship with us, please fill out this simple form, or send us an email with the following information:
- Description of your company, operations, contact information and website (if available)
- Product(s) of interest
- General information about your customer base and their profile
- Any additional information that you require

After we review this information, we will provide you with a comprehensive cost analysis of the products of interest to you and address any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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