Perma Patch Cold Mix Asphalt

McAsphalt Perma Patch technology allows asphalt producers, road construction and maintenance companies to produce their own high quality, all-weather cold patch using their local ingredients (aggregate, bitumen, diesel), without any modifications to their existing asphalt producing equipment. All that is needed is 1-1.5 kg of Perma-Patch concentrate, supplied from Toronto, Canada.

Cold Patch is a ready to use, pre-mixed bituminous mixture manufactured from selected aggregates, bitumen and a co-polymerization process which creates a viscuous binding material for permanent repairs of potholes, utility cuts and cracks.


Applications of Cold Mix Asphalt

McAsphalt Perma Patch is completely adaptable to all paving equipment. However, it may be easily installed using a shovel and simple compaction. This long-lasting material has a 2-year storage life in uncovered stockpiles outdoors and indefinite life in bags, palls or drums. It is an ideal pavement product for streets, highways, airport runways, and parking areas and is instantly ready for traffic flow after paving.

McAsphalt Perma Patch is a year-round all-weather road repair technology, can be used at temperatures of -30 °С to +49 °С both on extremely cold winter days and will perform just as well on hot and rainy days.
McAsphalt Perma Patch is a uniquely designed paving material that offers a wide range of road and street repair applications, specifically designed to endure the most severe weather conditions.
McAsphalt Perma Patch does not require emulsion tack coat and can be resurfaced or overlaid due to its compatible materials and its durable components.
McAsphalt Perma Patch will enable your pavement maintenance personnel to complete a wide range of repairs. The permanent repair to potholes, wide cracks, utility cuts, road edging and emergency road construction create a universal and flexible material for use in your road maintenance budget.


McAsphalt Perma Patch when applied according to our directions to deteriorated concrete or bituminous pavement surfaces, is guaranteed to adhere permanently to the repaired area for the life of the repair or until the surrounding pavement area fails.


Cold Mix Asphalt as main asphalt pavement for roads of 2nd and 3rd category


Cold Mix Asphalt as a hydrophobic layer in oil reservoirs

Cold mix asphalt is used as a hydrophobic layer in construction of oil reservoirs in oil terminals.

Cold Mix Asphalt as a waterproofing material

Cold Mix Asphalt is commonly used for waterproofing of flat rooftops of industrial buildings, public parking lots and oil terminals.

Cold Mix Asphalt for airports and runways

The use of the Perma Patch cold mix asphalt technology for pothole repair is the easiest, most reliable and cost-effective method to fix potholes in airport runways, taxiways and aprons.


Cold Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt

Influence on traffic

Insignificant obstruction for very short periods of time

Large sections of road blocked for an extended period of time

Labour costs


Significant, requires multiple teams and heavy machinery

Road opening for traffic



Weather dependency


Can only be used in warm weather conditions

Energy consumption


Significant, for heating of the materials

Periods of production and paving operations

All year round


Environmental effects

Environmentally friendly, minimal greenhouse effect, no waste

Significant greenhouse effect, waste management problems

Possible storage solutions

Can be stored outdoors for 24 months, or indefinitely when packaged in bags.

None, leftovers must be removed or utilized within hours


Breakdown of materials used to produce 1000 kg of Perma-Patch Cold Mix Asphalt

* Actual material content may change depending on the locally selected ingredients
Cantat Associates Inc. presents a complete technology of production of cold mix asphalt using locally selected ingredients (aggregate, bitumen, diesel), allowing producers to minimize raw material costs and maximize their profits. The mix design, prepared at our research centre in Toronto, Canada, will present manufacturers a complete formula for producing cold mix asphalt using their local ingredients, with only a small addition of the Perma Patch concentrate.
The exact formula for production of cold patch, is determined based on the quality of the aggregate material, at the McAsphalt Industries Limited Research Centre in Canada.
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