Crack Sealing Kettles by Stepp Manufacturing

Stepp Oil-jacketed Crack-sealing kettles for the heating and application of hot-applied bituminous materials in joint and crack sealing, road construction and maintenance operations.

The Stepp Manufacturing horizontal and vertical kettles are offered in a wide range of tank volumes, from 75 gallon tanks to 440 gallon, with a wide variety of options and configurations to suit the customer's needs and job profile.

The Stepp Manufacturing kettles have earned their reputation as being the most easy to operate and maintain, reliable and efficient kettles on the market.


Features and configurations:

  • Available tank volumes: 75 gal, 125 gal, 180 gal, 280 gal, 440 gal
  • The kettle design allows complete removal of the contents and agitation of the material until the tank is empty.
  • Safety loading chute allows splash free loading of material into the kettle, with easy loading and access for cleaning and maintenance through a hinged hood.
  • Highly efficient full flow heat exchanger. 350,000 BTU fuel oil (diesel) heating system. Automatic temperature controls.
  • Control panel gauges are easy to read.
  • Auger type agitator with a variable speed hydraulic motor (in horizontal kettles), allowing rotation in either direction at speeds from 0 to 170 RPM.
  • Powerful Kubota diesel engines (model D1105-E4B on the horizontal kettles, Z482-E on vertical). 30-gallon fuel tank equipped with fuel guage, shall be provided.
  • Pumping system with reversible suction.
  • Insulated, heated, rotating overhead delivery boom.
  • Electric brakes.
  • Each base unit includes: Diesel Burner, Heated Overhead Boom with 8' or 12' Hose and Wand, Automatic Temperature Controls, Pumping System, Agitator and 2 Light LED System.
  • Additional options are offered based on customer requirements, including: Air compressor, heat lance, and others.








Kettle type Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Volume 75 gallon 125 gallon 180 gallon 280 gallon 440 gallon
Heat Transfer Oil Capacity 28 gallon 30 gallon 110 gallon 118 gallon 130 gallon
Tires (2) ST235/80R16 (4) 225/75R15 (4) ST225/75R15 (4) 225/75R15 (4) ST235/80R16
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 7000 lbs 12000 lbs 10000 lbs 12000 lbs 14000 lbs
Empty weight (average) 3000 lbs 3500 lbs 5600 lbs 6000 lbs  
Dimensions (average)
128" L
73" W
88" H
148" L
73" W
96" H
210" L
90" W
85" H
210" L
90" W
90" H
Diesel Burner BTU 250,000 BTU 250,000 BTU 350,000 BTU
Propane Burner BTU 250,000 BTU 250,000 BTU N/A
Heat Transfer Surface Area 4585 sq. in. 4585 sq. in. 5950 sq. in. 7375 sq. in. 8795 sq. in.
Loading Chute Opening 16" x 15.5" 26" x 22"


Stepp Horizontal Kettles OJK-H:

Stepp Vertical Kettles OJK-V:


- Operations, maintenance and parts manual - Horizontal kettles OJK-H:
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- Operations, maintenance and parts manual - Vertical kettles OJK-V
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Additional manuals for optional components

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