Liquid Blend Production Reactor

Mixing Reactor for production of liquid blend used for cold asphalt mix

In this Vertical mixer (we call it *Reactor*) (some photos are attached). In this mixer we combine 11 kg of diesel and 1-1.5 kg of Perma-PatchTM and mix it for 11 min; adding 38 kg of bitumen and keep mixing for another 79 min. until we get a so-called liquid blenda binder necessary for the production of cold asphalt.

*Reactor - also has a valve for taking probes of the ready blend for lab tests viscosity of each batch and piping connected to a storage tank and mixing asphalt drum. The reactor as in the attached photo has weight sensors for precise portioning of all liquid ingredients. The reactor's housing has outside thermal insulation. The temperature of the liquid fed to the asphalt drum mixer ranges 100-110C. 

Aggregates are sent into a mixer at 55-65C afterward the liquid blend is added and mixed for 40 seconds; the ready mix is at about 55-65C. 

Reservoir for diesel serves 2 purposes: 

  1. used in a mix blend 
  2. used for heating the drum where no natural gas is available.

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