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December 6, 2013

Visit of delegations from the Russian central, Siberian and Far East regions in Canada

In the period between December 2 and 4, a delegation from the Russian Federation visited Canada and took part in the International Construction and Infrastructure Conference, organized by CERBA. A presentation of technologies, introduced in Russia by Cantat Associates Inc, was delivered by the company president Alexander Zevin.

The delegation also visited the McAsphalt Industries Limited research centre in Toronto and the emulsion and modified bitumen plant in Oshawa, as well as the LNT Solutions plant for production of de-icing products for airports and roads.

Visit of McAsphalt Industries Limited and the emulsion and modified bitumen plant in Oshawa


Presentation of technologies at the CERBA Construction and Infrastructure Conference


Visit of LNT Solutions plant for production of de-icing product



December 5, 2013

Production of 3000 tons of Cold Patch for the oil industry

Our representative in the Samara region in Russia, LLC "NovTecAs New Asphalt Technologies" received and fulfilled an order to supply more, than 3000 tons of cold mix asphalt packaged in 1000 kg big bags,  for the purpose of reservoir waterproofing in crude oil loading terminals, in the Far North region.



November 29, 2013

Perma Patch Cold Patch Feedback: Samara region

We received feedback for the implementation of McAsphalt Perma Patch Cold Patch by our representative in the Samara region of Russia, LLC "NovTecAs New Asphalt Technologies" (city of Tol'yatti, Samara region), who produced 3000 tons of Perma Patch cold mix asphalt for LLC "Velesstroy" (one of the largest companies in Russia in realization of the most complicated objects of the oil, gas and energy supply industry), for the purpose of reservoir waterproofing in crude oil loading terminals, in the Far North region.

The document (available in Russian), can be found in the Documents section.


October 9, 2013

Meeting with the Municipal Construction Administration of Moscow

On September 16, a meeting was held with the Commercial Director of State Enterprise "Municipal Construction Administration" of the Moscow City Administration, Vladimir Mironov, and his colleagues, where a presentation was delivered by the president of Cantat Associates Inc, Alexander Zevin, on the production of cold and warm asphalt mixes on mobile asphalt plants from American company ADM (a representative of ADM, Keith Hults, took part at the meeting and answered questions from Mr. Mironov), as well as the production of emulsions and modified bitumen, based on the technology of Canadian company McAsphalt Industries Limited. The representatives of SE "Municipal Construction Administration" of the Moscow City Administration expressed their interest in the implementation of the proposed technologies in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.


September 24, 2013

Article from National Geographic: Better Road Building Paves Way for Energy Savings

Warm-mix asphalt placed in Yellowstone National Park helped build U.S. government support for the energy-saving technology, which also contributes to smoother pavement.

Warm-mix asphalt placed in Yellowstone National Park helped build U.S. government support for the energy-saving technology, which also contributes to smoother pavement.When considering how cars and trucks generate such a large part of the world's greenhouse gas pollution, it's easy to overlook what lies beneath them. But under all that traffic, there are roads. And the paving material itself-the asphalt, concrete, and rock-and how it is placed, have an important impact on the atmosphere.

Energy goes into the construction of every highway and byway, whether it's made of asphalt, concrete, or even gravel; whether it's a narrow ribbon winding around mountains, an endless flat stretch across the prairie, or a congested freeway. Moreover, the way that roads are built and maintained has a significant impact on how much energy is burned by the vehicles that roll-or crawl-on the surface.

As governments weigh spending money to restore or expand existing roadways in the developed world and to construct entirely new ones in the developing world, they are asking questions about sustainability that were never considered in the early years of infrastructure build-out. The answers are not easy.

With public investment about $190 billion per year on highway, street, and bridge construction in the United States and Europe, researchers are working to develop a way for policymakers to make road construction choices that take into account the energy in every step of the pavement's long lifecycle. And the asphalt and concrete industries are introducing new technologies and mustering evidence on old ones, all to demonstrate their commitment to making paving greener.


September 16, 2013

Installation and commissioning of the mobile ADM SPL 110 asphalt plant in Yakutia, Russia

Cantat Associates Inc. (Canada), ADM (USA) and LLC "Stroimontazh-2002" (Republic of Sakha, Yakutia) conducted start-up and commissioning works of the ADM SPL-Series mobile asphalt plant, with production capacity of 110 tons per hour, for production of Cold Mix Asphalt using the Perma Patch concentrate, Warm Mix Asphalt using the Evotherm concentrate and traditional hot mix asphalt with improved quality indicators.





August 23, 2013

Packaging of cold mix asphalt in Togliatti, Samara region (Russia)

Our representative in the Samara region in the Russian Federation, LLC "New Asphalt Technologies NovTecAs", sent us this video of their packaging process of cold mix asphalt, produced with the Canadian Perma Patch technology and concentrate. The cold asphalt mix is packaged into 30 kg plastic bags and sold in retail.

More information is available on the company website (Russian):





August 21, 2013

Warm Mix Asphalt on "Highway 7" in Toronto, Canada

Test runs of "Highway 7" in the north part of Toronto (Richmond Hill, Markham), where companies McAsphalt and Miller Group used Warm Mix Asphalt as a primary pavement surface materials.

More information about the project, photos and videos, is available at:





August 21, 2013

Order for implementation of “Perma Patch Cold Patch” technology in Kazakhstan

The Roads Committee of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has issued an Order for the implementation of the “Perma Patch Cold Patch” technology, throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The document has been published in the "Documents" section.




August 17, 2013

Presenting: De-icers for airports and railways

Gen3 liquid and IceCare solid (granular) de-icers for runways, Magic Ice Stop for railways, produced by Canadian company "LNT Solutions".
The company, based on innovative developments, manufactures de-icing and anti-icing products, widely used by the aviation and railway industries, and packages these products for distribution in retail. The company products include liquid de-icer "GEN3" and granular de-icer "Ice Care" for airport runways, taxiways and aprons, liquid de-icer "Magic Ice Stop", used by the railway industry to prevent the formation of ice on switches, coupling and the 3rd rail, providing an alternative to rock salt without the mess, damage or corrosion associated with the use of traditional de-icing materials, which cause an irreversible damage to the environment.
For more information about the products of our partner company LNT Solutions, please visit the following sections (currently available only in Russian):


July 18, 2013

Perma Patch cold patch placed in the city of Tol'yatti, Samara (Russian Federation)

According to our representative in the Samara region, LLC "New Asphalt Technologies NovTecAs":
We received a purchase request from the company LLC «Complex Safety Systems» for cold mix asphalt, in order to patch a pavement section which sunk after placing an overpass at ulitsa 40 let Pobedy, city of Tolyatti. We inspected this section and calculated the required quantity of cold mix asphalt to be used. Following the preparation work on July 16, we placed 1 ton of cold asphalt mix over an area of 12.5 m2. Traffic flow resumed immediately following the completion of work. The customer remained satisfied.
Additional photos and video can be found on the website of LLC "NovTecAs"

July 12, 2013

Shipping of ADM SPL 110 mobile asphalt plant

Loading and shipping in 40-foot High-Cube containers:

July 9, 2013

Joint and Crack Sealant Beram 3060 LM shipped to Russia

Beram 3060 LM Joint and Crack Sealant, designated for use on road pavements and airport runways, in the quantity of 23000 kg was shipped to Russia. The sealant is supplied in 50 lb boxes (22.67 kg), stacked on 20 pallets in standard 40' containers.

July 2, 2013

Shipment of equipment for liquid blends production on a portable asphalt plant

Our partner company LLC "Dortechnologiya Plus", has manufactured and shipped equipment for production of liquid blends, using the Perma Patch and Evotherm concentrates, used in the preparation of cold mix, warm mix and traditional hot mix asphalt with enhanced performance, on a portable ADM SPL 110 asphalt plant, with production capacity of up to 110 tons per hour.

June 28, 2013

Shipment of portable asphalt plant ADM SPL 110 to Yakutia, Russian Federation

On June 25/26, a portable SPL-series plant produced by ADM (Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc.) of Indiana, USA, with production capacity of 110 tons per hour, was shipped to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Russia.

The portable asphalt plant, capable of producing cold, warm and hot asphalt mixes, was loaded into 7 High-Cube containers, and consists of the following main components:
1. 4 cold feed bins for large aggregate fractions
2. Drum-mixer/dryer, combination burner capable of using 2 types of fuel sources - fuel oil (diesel) and gas (natural gas)
3. Venturi wet scrubber
4. Drag conveyor
5. Mass flow asphalt pumping system
6. Mineral filler silo
7. Plant control system

To learn more about the SPL series plants, see

May 29, 2013

Perma Patch Cold Patch: Production using your locally available ingredients

Cantat Associates Inc. presents a complete technology of production of cold mix asphalt using locally selected ingredients (aggregate, bitumen, diesel), allowing producers to minimize raw material costs and maximize their profits. The mix design, prepared at our research centre in Toronto, Canada, will present manufacturers a complete formula for producing cold mix asphalt using their local ingredients, with only a small addition of the Perma Patch concentrate, based on the following (sample) formula.

1000 kg (100%) of final cold mix asphalt (cold patch) product, modified by the Perma-Patch concentrate, consists of 950 kg (95%) aggregate material of fraction 5-10 mm and 50 kg (5%) liquid binder (LB).
The LB composition (50 kg = 100%) is as follows:
- Bitumen - recommended grade BND 90-130 - 36.475 kg (72.95%), can also use BND 60-90
- Fuel oil (diesel) - 12.150 кг (24.30%) - summer or winter
- Perma-Patch concentrate - 1.375 kg (2.75%)
The exact formula for production of cold patch, is determined based on the quality of the aggregate material, at the McAsphalt Industries Limited Research Centre in Canada.

For more information about our Perma Patch technology and concentrate for Cold Patch production, go to

April 24, 2013

Evotherm 3G: Conclusion of the Belarus Road Research Institute

Conclusion of the Belarus Road Research Institute on the use of Evotherm 3G additive in the production of warm asphalt mixes:

The provided sample of the "Evotherm 3G" concentrate in the quantity of 0.3%, matches the requirements
of DMD 02191.2.032-2009 standard pertaining to temperature-reducing additives and is recommended
for use in the production of warm asphalt mixes with lowered production and compaction temperatures.

The report is available in the "Documents" section.

April 7, 2013

Perma-Patch Cold Patch placed in Republic of Buryatia, Russia

Our partner in the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation, LLC "DorStroyService", began production and placement of cold mix asphalt (cold patch), produced according to the Canadian technology with the use of Perma-Patch concentrate.

This technology has been successfully introduced and implemented under the direct supervision of the chief engineer of LLC "DorStroyService" and our representative in the republic, Igor Baksheev, who received training and certification in Canada in June 2012.


April 4, 2013

Certificate of Compliance received for Evotherm in the Russian Federation

On March 28, 2013, our partner in the Russian Federation, LLC "Teplodor", completed the certification of warm mix asphalt, produced using the Evotherm additive, supplied by Cantat Associates Inc.

The certificate is available in the "Documents" section.


March 5, 2013

Proudly presenting: Asphalt plants by ADM

Cantat Associates Inc. has become the exclusive representative of Asphalt Drum Mixers (ADM), USA, in the CIS republics, Baltic republics and countries in Eastern Europe.

ADM is the largest developer and manufacturer of parallel (continuous) and counterflow asphalt plants in the world.

Since 1974, ADM has provided asphalt producers with the highest quality plants and components in the industry. The high quality equipment and components, produced by ADM, are recognized as the best in the field.

For over 40 years, ADM has been assisting and accompanying its clients in every step of the way - from plant design, permitting assistance and installation, to the lifetime backing of its legendary service and parts group. For minimized downtime, ADM asphalt plants are designed with many industry-standard components available virtually anywhere. With the training and qualification, provided by ADM, nearly all maintenance can be performed by on-site personnel.

It is a true customer commitment that stands behind more than 1200 ADM asphalt plants worldwide.

With this latest milestone, Cantat Associates Inc. is now offering our representatives a complete package of technologies, products and equipment, allowing them to launch fully independent production of cold, warm and hot asphalt mixes.

More detailed information can be obtained at, as well as on the ADM website at



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