WRT Mobile Asphalt Plants


The WRT 60, 110 and 160 tons per hour asphalt plants produce high quality cold, warm and hot asphalt mixes, while minimizing consumables and production-related costs, compared to other mobile or stationary plants, which makes these plants an ideal choice for new businesses and emerging markets. The entire WRT plant – including the drying/mixing drum, wetwash, cold feed bin and surge system – can travel on a single trailer. The series comes with many options and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Produces 60 to 160 tons per hour.
  • Allows for easy start-up, installation and maintenance.
  • Has a simple plant design that requires just one plant operator and one loader operator.
  • Has a high operating efficiency that ensures reduced fuel costs and low cost-per-ton production.
  • Operates on multiple fuels and pre-specified electricity.
  • Is compact, allowing for lower cost standard freight shipping worldwide.

The aggregate heating can be performed using 2 types of fuel sources for the burner: fuel oil (diesel) and/or gas (natural gas), depending on the customer requirements (a combination diesel/natural gas burner is available). The complete portable plant package includes a mineral filler silo and either 2 or 4 cold-feed bins, facilitating the loading of four aggregate fractions (depending on local requirements for warm or hot mix asphalt production).


60 TPH

110 TPH

160 TPH

1, 2 or 4 cold feed bins, struck capacity (heaped capacity) 12.2 tons (15.5 tons)
Inlet (slinger) feed conveyor width 24"
Drum mixer
diameter 54"
length 24'
diameter 62"
length 26'
diameter 72"
length 28'

Burner output (BTU/hr)

Fuel oil pump - fuel consumption, L/hr (L/tonne asphalt mix)

8176 kWh (27.9 million)

386 (6.43)

11810 kWh (40.3 million)

707,8 (6.43)

14448 kWh (49.3 million)

1029 (6.43)

Venturi scrubber
diameter 60"
length 8'
diameter 68"
length 10'
diameter 72"
length 12'
Drag conveyor with batcher for truck loading, capacity 1500 lbs 2200 lbs 2600 lbs
Plant control system Computer
Burner control system With flame control
Digital process blending computer Digital, automatic

* The mobile asphalt plants produce asphalt mixes with the following temperatures at discharge: cold asphalt mixes at 50-60 °С, warm asphalt mixes at 125 °С and hot asphalt mixes at 150-160 °С.

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