WRT Asphalt Plants

Modular mobile and stationary asphalt plants from WRT Equipment Ltd. - Canada

WRT Equipment Ltd. is a Canadian developer and producer of parallel (continuous) flow and counterflow drum-mix type, mobile and stationary asphalt plants. It is the main equipment supplier to the aggregate, mining and asphalt industries, as well as a supplier of asphalt plants to the US Army.

WRT Equipment Ltd. was founded in 1968 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and by 1978, the company developed a product line and began providing solutions to the road building industry. Today, WRT Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality products and components for the aggregate, asphalt and mining industries.

WRT is committed to developing working relationships with customers, providing solutions to help their business succeed and reach production goals. WRT’s focus on providing solutions and quality-built equipment providing a long service life, blended with excellent service, is WRTs foundation for success.

Main advantages of the WRT plants


Initial startup of the WRT plant with configurations and supervised installation, takes no more than 2-3 days, with additional training of on-site personnel.

Modularity (interchangeability)

The plants uses a design based on individual modules, allowing retrofitting the plant with additional (optional) components, when needed. For example, WRT’s cold mix plant, with production capacity of 7-30 TPH, can be retrofitted with additional modules, allowing it to produce also warm and hot asphalt mixes, with increased capacity of 45 TPH.


  • Fuel consumption is one of the lowest, thanks to the continuous production flow technology (6.43 liters per 1 ton of hot/warm asphalt mix, 1.0 liter per ton of cold asphalt mix), since both heating and mixing virtually  occur all at once – the material mixing zone is located in the 3rd portion of the drum mixer. Consequently, the heat, dispersed in the drum mixer does not release into the atmosphere and continues to heat the mix. The fuel consumption of batch plants, in comparison, is within the range of 11 – 13 liters per 1 ton of asphalt mix, which surpasses the fuel consumption of WRT plants by 71 – 102 %.
  • Energy consumption in these plants is also among the lowest. For example, the energy consumption of WRT’s 60 TPH plant – is only 150 kW/hr. Batch plants from other manufacturers stay within the range of 230 - 260 kW/hr, which surpasses the energy consumption of WRT plants by 53 -73%.
  • Reliability: The plant contains a minimal quantity of high-wear components, which dramatically decreases the costs of purchasing replacement parts and allows full-scale plant operation during the peak season, without having to halt production for repairs and/or part replacement.
  • The Drum-Mix technology: Thanks to its unique drum-mixer/heater, the material mixing time is 40 seconds, as opposed to batch-type plants where the mixing time is only 25 seconds. This enables the production of SMA while maintaining the same production capacity.

Asphalt mix quality

All hoppers can be optionally fitted with a single-deck screening system for removal of oversized material. The plant is fitted with an innovative, accurate weigh batching system, allowing batching of aggregate materials with accuracy of ± 1.0%, bitumen ± 0.5% and mineral filler ± 2-3% while maintaining continuous asphalt mix discharge. An additional advantage is that mixing takes place within an inert environment without access to oxygen, which eliminates bitumen oxidation.


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